Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Sunrise to Remember

Three years ago while on vacation in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan I started getting up to watch and photograph during sunrise (Thanks uncle Matthew). There is just something special at that time of day with the cool crisp air, peaceful surroundings, wonderful light, etc. Well, fast forward three years and I have made a habit of getting up well before dawn to be on location for twilight where ever I happen to be. While on Vacation this October something different happened one morning that made this sunrise over Clingman’s Dome a sunrise to remember. It wasn’t the location, although it was breathtaking; or the clouds, although they were beautiful; or the light, although it was stunning. My Family (Wife and 2 Kids) decided to wake up at 5:00AM and join me for the morning. This was the first time and maybe the last time (only time will tell).

We had an hour and twenty minute drive from the cabin to the parking area of Clingman’s dome. In my infinite wisdom I decided to take a little “short-cut” through the Smokey Mountain National Park and entered through Townsend, Ten. We then took the VERY WINDY little river road to Hwy 441 and up the mountain. OK, so I was in a hurry to get there and didn’t want to miss any of the show so I may have been driving a little faster than normal causing poor Isabella to get sick in the back seat. After a little cleaning and slightly slower pace, we made it through little river road.

With every opening lookout along the way my anticipation built as the clouds were illuminated with a pastel pink and orange glow. We arrived to a full blown light show with a couple of minutes to spare (literally).

We were not alone, there were already 30-40 photographers lining the edge of the parking lot firing away. I proceeded to jump out of the car and set-up the tripod, camera and 70-200mm zoom in record time! Ivonne and Isabella (4 years old) bundled up and sat on the back of the truck drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the view while Tommy (3 years old) slept in the warmth of the car.

Thanks Ivonne, Isabella and Tommy for a Sunrise to Remember

Tom Even

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Beautiful photos. You definitely have a great talent. :)