Monday, September 10, 2007

A couple of days in Yosemite National Park

I was fortunate to be able to tack a few extra days onto a business trip to California and spend some dedicated shooting time in Yosemite National Park. This was my first time in California and I am sure will not be my last. I was able to spend "Good Light time" in Yosemite Valley, Mono Lake, Glacier Point and a Sequoia Grove. My wife then flew over and we spent a couple of days in the San Francisco area. Hope you enjoy.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

Big Bend National Park

I was fortunate to be able to take a photography trip this past month to on of the least know national parks in the country, Big Bend National Park. Most people I talk to have not been and frequently have not even heard of the park. It is located in southern Texas on the border with Mexico. The landscape is quite different from most of eastern and northern Texas with its mountainous terrain.

Chris, a Photographer friend, and I had been talking about taking a photo trip and Big Bend is one of the locations that is within a one day drive from Lafayette, LA (our home base). We made the trip in a about 13 hours and spent three (3) full days exploring and photographing the park. I will be posting few images from this trip by shooting day with a description of the locations of each shot.

View at Sunrise from Grapevine Hills Trail

Taken from the car window on our way into the park