Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kids and an off-camera Flash

Most of my photography has been focusing on landscape subjects and natural light portraits to this point. The whole "off-camera flash" thing seemed complicated and expensive to get into, so I procrastinated, and focused my time and money on landscapes (which I love).

I put together a little off camera flash set-up after getting into a new flash Photography Blog called Strobist. The setup includes a Sunpak 5000 Strob, light stand, 40" umbrella and PC cord to the camera.

After setting up the flash in the living room I got the kids to pose for a couple of minutes (Tommy was in and out, it is hard to keep him still). I then put on a homemade cardboard snoot (Thanks to the Strobist again) and took the shots below with the kids looking into the flash. Nice effect!

I plan to continue to play with my new found toys and add more off-camera flash quickly (I have already purchased a Nikon SB-24 on e-bay...)

Tom Even

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Mike said...

Nice images.