Thursday, April 27, 2006

Find a place you like and go back

I have found over the past couple of years that the more often I visit a place the more creative I become. When you first visit a location there are scenes and images that initially grab your attention, they are probably the same scenes that grab most visitors attention.

On a recent trip to Arizona I walked to the edge of Canyon de Chelly and my breath left my lungs. I was overwhelmed by the grand landscape and felt a rush of emotion looking into the canyon floor. I hear people explain this experience all the time when describing visits to the Grand Canyon. But they are not able to capture compelling images that convey the emotions they felt.

I decided to pick a location near home that I enjoyed and had many photographic opportunities and visit frequently. Over the past three years I have visited Lake martin over 50 times. Each time I return I find new compositions and stretch myself creatively to create new and compelling images. In the process I have noticed that when I visit locations for the first time that creative process has become more fluid and natural. I find my eye is able to see beyond the obvious image.

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